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Our teams deserve better leadership.

According to a survey by the career portal Stepstone1 from March 2022, about 35% of German employees think about changing jobs several times a week. 63% of the surveyed employees want to work for a new employer in three years.

Gallup's Engagement Index for Germany 20212 comes to a similar evaluation: 23 percent of employees in Germany want to change their job within the next 12 months, Gallup has just found out. Of these, 14 percent are already looking or in job interviews.

"Why should I work for this company exactly?" - that is the central question that employees ask themselves today.

According to Stepstone, the desire for meaningful work (54%), flexible working (57%), and a suitable corporate culture (47%) are among the most important factors in employer attractiveness. The corporate culture and the working atmosphere are triggers for a change for exactly half of the surveyed participants* after compensation (66%).

An answer to this question can also be provided by the above-mentioned Gallup survey: 97% of the surveyed executives consider themselves to be good leaders. But only 17% of employees feel well-led.

There is obviously a high need for meaningful and lived corporate values. Employees long for new methods and organizational forms to prevent the "Great Resignation". Our previous experiences and principles must be questioned. And there is a need to rethink and shape leadership.

In my eBook "How High-Performance Teams are Created", I have summarized my thoughts based on my experiences and provide tips and instructions.

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